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We hope you can learn one thing from everything that we publish: DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! Know what you are putting in your body, and if you don’ think it belongs there, then don’t take it!

Affiliate Disclaimer

While we are on the subject of legal matters, we need to disclose that we may or may not receive payment from companies who own or sell the products reviewed on this website. That doesn’t change the way in which we review said products. We will tell you how it is even if the product sucks (in reality, we’ll often not bring it up at all if it sucks that much).

But, don’t worry, that’s just how we make a few bucks to keep this website alive and make it worth our time. It in no way affects how much you are paying for any products you by form our recommendation (In fact, often, using our coupon codes or visiting the links we provide can save you more money than buying directly)

We also have no control over any claims made by any particular product. If we did, we’d make sure it was accurate (and you know well that many are not).

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Carl Lombard

Owner/Founder, SupplementScience.net